Predictive Data for Preventive Care: Follow the Research

Follow the research in predictive analytics We’re reviewing current research on big data and how it is being used . Bring some research and don’t forget Popcorn News!

NIH research project to gather health data on one million+ Americans

All of us is a research project sponsored by the NIH to begin to understand the intersection of biology, environment and lifestyle. To do this, the NIH is looking to enroll US residents over the age of 18. Participation is free, and participants will provide dna samples, answer questionnaires and provide access to their electronic health records.

Meta analysis of big data research for Chronic Conditions

Marshall University researchers review the current research to identify whether big data and predictive analytics are having positive impact on chronic disease.

Health insights from Denmark’s population data (From Sussi B.)

Healthcare Denmark official site

AI identifies potential ventilator risk in hospitalized patients

Data aggregation and analytics improve outcomes (From Debbie H.)

Dayton Children’s Health Partners aggregates data for better outcomes

Intermountain uses data analytics to improve outcomes

Popcorn News

McKinsey publishes largest study of women in corporate America

AI being used by psychiatry researchers to improve understanding of mental illness

FDA announces guidelines to reduce sodium intake

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