July 29, 2021 Show Notes

Overview: Follow the Money

We discuss the state of annual wellness visits. Why do only about 20% of eligible Medicare patients get annual wellness visits. We look at the efficacy of AWV’s, and pg slot ways of improving participation and delivery.

Annual Wellness Visits have potential to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs


Only ~20% uptake in AWVs, income related. Utilization is double for higher income groups as compared to lower incomes. When individuals don’t get AWVs, they experience gaps in care. Those who receive get more follow through on their individual diseases and see benefits.

Study shows that 6% reduction in health expenses over following 11 months. Net/net: with 100% participation, an investment of $7.5B at current reimbursement rates results in $37B lower expenses for CMS.

Per Doug S: ‘AWVs are the Ferarri in older adults’ garage, but they don’t know they can drive it.’ Ways to improve utilization:

Need more individuals talking about it: Government, public health agencies, clinics and hospitals, social service and community organizations. Education is the key to adoption. PSAs, advertising. Who at CMS owns marketing. Marketing must attract targets and empower them. Less fear based and more ‘sexy’.

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