August 12, 2021: Follow the Companies

Follow the Companies in Preventive Care. Whether providing devices or health care services, we started talking about innovative companies and then moved on to a wide ranging discussion on aging. Notes While we know that larger healthcare systems and insurance companies are providing some innovative preventive care, today’s focus is on the smaller players who are innovating quickly and whose…

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August 5, 2021 Follow the People

Patients should be at the center of care. Do patients appreciate preventive  care? Patients, caregivers, clinician and payors discuss their experiences. Notes Older adults often don’t get preventive health services due to the worry that costs are high. They push the visits off until the symptoms are severe and costs have escalated. New technology for video connections using existing TV…

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July 29, 2021: Follow the Money

Overview: Annual Wellness Visits We discuss the state of annual wellness visits (AWV). Why do only about 20% of eligible Medicare patients get annual wellness visits? We look at the efficacy of AWV’s, and discuss ways of improving participation and delivery. Annual Wellness Visits have potential to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs Notes Only ~20% uptake in AWVs, income…

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